Is It Time To Invest In More Workplace Safety Signs?

With research from the UK’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) revealing that workplace injuries and illness are costing the country an estimated £15 billion each year, is it time to look at what we can do to improve the situation?

A recent article for Onrec pointed out that workplace injuries alone cost £5.2 billion in 2017/18 and led to 3.9 million lost working days.

In the face of such figures, personal injury specialist YouClaim believes businesses across all industries need to ensure they’re doing everything they can to prevent injuries to their employees.

Richard Powell, of YouClaim, told the news provider that managing health and safety is something that needs to happen across every level of a business.

“Training directors, line managers and workers to be more aware of risks and understand what action needs to be taken when a hazard arises will help to promote a safe and healthy workplace,” he stated.

You may want to invest in new workplace signs to highlight specific hazards in your business and make sure that people are aware of any dangers. 

But it’s not only physical dangers we should be concerned about. The British Safety Council recently welcomed the government’s commitment to plough extra funding into the NHS’s mental health services.

However, it also called on the government to do more to support better workplace mental health. Mike Robinson, chief executive of the British Safety Council, pointed out that being able to talk about our mental health in the workplace is vital given how much time we spend there.

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