Fire Escape Keep Clear Door Sign

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 Fire Escape Keep Clear Door Sign

British style Mandatory sign

Conforms to British Standards and ISO 7010

Custom designs and text available on request

      • Self-adhesive vinyl suitable for internal use
      • Semi rigid PVC (1mm), suitable for internal and external use 
      • Foam plastic (3mm), suitable for external use
      • 100mm x 100mm
      • Peel and stick backing on self-adhesive and semi rigid signs
      • Drilled mounting holes for foam PVC
    • Our Fire Escape Keep Clear Sign is ideal for warning people that the fire exit needs to be kept clear so that there is no hazard during a fire procedure.

mandatory Sign -  Fire Escape Keep Clear- More Info

This Fire Escape Keep Clear sign is used to display the need of keeping fire escapes clear in accordance with fire safety regulations. This fire safety sign conforms to the new 2013 legislation EN 7010 which replaces the old British Standard 5499. This mandatory sign conveys health and safety instructions for action during a fire.

This safety sign is available as a self-adhesive vinyl sticker or in poly propylene (a more environmentally friendly product than PVC). ‘ Fire Escape Keep Clear’ is displayed as white text with a blue circular background. This signs dimensions are 3.94 inches square/10cm x 10cm/100mm x 100mm. Self-adhesive vinyl (stickers) are suitable for the application onto smooth firm surfaces, it is intended for use as an interior sign. Poly propylene is suitable for both exterior and interior safety signs and has a self-adhesive backing for smooth surfaces, but may need additional adhesive for rough exterior surfaces exposed to the weather.

Fire Escape Keep Clear is just one of the fire safety signs available in our mandatory range. mandatory signs give instructions that must be followed and are dictated by a blue background with white text.


mandatory Sign -  Fire Escape Keep Clear - Legislation

Fire Escape Keep Clear signs should be located on/at all fire escapes as it is a mandatory sign, it illustrates the necessity to Keep fire escapes clear to prevent issues during a fire.

EN7010 are standards that dictate uniform shape, colour and graphical symbol in this case text required on health and safety signs throughout all European countries. They have been tried and tested to ensure safety signs are easily recognised and understood irrespective of language barriers, reading difficulties and poor eye sight. EN7010 also maintains standards of health and safety signage for all industry workers.

BS5499 is the British standard that describes the colour shape and characteristics for each type of safety sign. This Fire Escape Keep Clear sign complies with this standard, whilst remaining acceptable under EN7010 regulations.

Please be assured that all the symbols on safety signs we manufacture comply with current legislation. However not every safety sign has been affected by this change.

If you want more information on EN7010 or BS5499 Check out our sign guide
or take a look at ISO’s helpful PDF

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